If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why?

“Keep dreaming in color

And drawing your dreams

On cement floors

Until they are realized.” ~ Alicia Keys

I would love to walk a minute in this woman’s shoes.

I am a huge social justice advocate; just like Alicia.

I just can’t sing (hahah).

In all seriousness, I have recently finished her memoir and respect her as an individual human and artist.

Her confidence, her ability to be her authentic self and her family values are commendable.

I would like to think I mirror some of her traits: I also boycott make-up and I am also a social justice advocate.

To have fame and fortune as a platform to live those values would be surreal.

To have a voice that gives a gift every time you sing– again surreal.

What would that feel like?


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