The Cabinets

Describe the most ambitious DIY project you’ve ever taken on.

It was a hot, summer Monday mid-August.

I asked my husband to take the kitchen cabinets off the hinges.

Do you remember when “sponge painting” was the cool thing to do? My sponge painted peachy brown cabinets were no longer appealing to the eye. Who knew how fast that trend would fall out of style! Without 30,000$ in the bank for a kitchen upgrade, a DIY cabinet makeover was the obvious (and only fiscal) possibility.

First, I tried sanding the cabinets by hand. It would have taken me way longer than the weeks vacation I took to do the entire project. A circular, electronic sander buzzed for the first few days of the project chipping away the sponged paint. I’m sure my right bicep bulged slightly larger than the left when I was done.

Cabinets littered my front yard every day that week as I sanded, primed and painted them a light grey. Surely, grey will be in style for years to come until I can fiscally afford my dream kitchen.

One coat, then two, then three. It took patience and precision I don’t normally have.

And it took every waking moment of the day for the entire week to complete.

Advice– it’s harder to paint kitchen cabinets than you think.

Trust me, I know.

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