Overwhelmed tonight..

I recently read a blog circulating on face book about how clutter is a trigger for stress and anxiety. Ill link it here https://understandingcompassion.com/articles/clutter-is-a-trigger-of-stress-and-anxiety-psychologists-say/ I agree 100%. Frig.. I feel overwhelmed tonight. I want to tidy up but im exhausted and the job is bigger then an after bedtime tidy up. There are some good … Continue reading Overwhelmed tonight..

Reality (perceived and accurate)

Our kids are growing up in a culture that "we" created. They will never experience the type of childhood us 90s kids experienced. Then... Screen time was saturday morning cartoons. Now... Its ipads, smartphones and netflix. Now we have to schedule "playtime" away from technology. But so are we... Young parents, working professionals and human … Continue reading Reality (perceived and accurate)