Do you enjoy your job?

I have invested a lot of time in developing my leadership skills throughout the latter part of my career.

There was a time when I never thought I would leave bedside nursing.

The most simple acts and smallest gestures of kindness can make a resounding impact on a patient’s life.

Being encouraged to pursue leadership roles by a previous manager had led me to where I find myself in my career today.

Managing an addictions & mental health service that cares for people who are entering differing phases of recovery from substance use disorder is both rewarding and challenging.

I want to make a difference. This is why I show up.

Yet, managing people is hard; it’s certainly not for the faint hearted.

I enjoy learning.

I enjoy challenging myself to be a better human and to do better in life.

My passion is to positively influence the broken system. To be a part of the solution.

Long days and many phone calls. Mistakes and triumphs. Lessons learned.

Most days, I love what I do because I bring something to the table some managers do not have: passion for the service, knowledge for the caring. I am not here because I love management; I am here because I want to change the system positively for both the clients we serve and the employees who work the frontlines.

I am still growing as a leader. I don’t think true leaders ever stop growing.

Most days I love it.

Sometimes I miss the joy frontline nursing gave me.

So, I pick up a shift (or two) and help out 😉

(#nursingshortage #overtimesalwaysthere #leaderintraining)

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