A Momma Holly Review

Cloud dough.

The kids and I made this today. Initially, I though to myself “what am I thinking this is just going to be a gigantic mess”. Haha but we plowed on. It didnt feel like it was going to work. But it did.

Tip: the mixture was initially super flakey. Keep kneading it as if you were making bread. It will form into a doughy like ball eventually.

Next- I added a few drips of food colouring. This also felt like it was a bust. But it worked eventually with continued kneading. However, I did inadverently get dye on my skin.

Cellphone upload.

For next time- I might try to add the food colouring before I form the dough.

Overall, we had a fun time making the cloud dough. Played with it a few different times today. I would recommend this activity for other parents trying to keep their littles preoccupied with activities.


Have fun.


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