Thoughts of a nurse…

So surreal.

The whole world is on pause. My friends are stuck at home with their families. They’re filling their days with families walks, board games, family activities and Netflix. Their sense of normalcy is completely gone.

Some families are feeling stress about their finances. Still trying to see the positive in the stillness this COVID19 is offering. Invaluable family time that is uninterrupted. Spring cleaning their houses. Getting outside for daily walks.

Not my image. Retrieved from facebook.

This hasn’t been my experience.

It’s surreal really.

I still get up and go to work every day. I feel more drawn to the overtime shifts being offered because I think about the floors being short from possible sick calls or mandatory isolations. I’m in a leadership role in my primary job, so my involvement in the planning and implementation of practices to keep my colleagues safe sometimes keeps me up at night. Things keep changing at a lightening pace. It’s hard to keep up.

All my projects and programs I was working on actively just two weeks ago are on hold. It’s an all hands on deck kind of situation.

It’s kind of like it’s just happening in the world around me but Im just continuing on as normal. Everyone’s stopped; everyone’s still. But Im getting up, throwing on a clean pair of scrubs and heading to work.

Don’t be sad you have to stay home with your loved ones. I wish so much I could stay home with my kids during all of this.


The unknown. The newness of this experience. I know we will grow from this as a community.

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