Things I vow never to take for granted again….

COVID 19 has turned the entire world upside down. Every news station, social media outlet, workplace– basically every human on the planet is talking about this. Pandemic. It’s a scary word. We are living though a pandemic. Working through a pandemic.

I’m writing this from the perspective of mother, community member, essential worker. There are so many essential people in this type of situation. Truck drivers who deliver essentials (food, personal protection equipment, gas). Grocery store employees. Bank tellers. Public safety personnel (officers, COs, judges, lawyers etc). Of course my healthcare peeps ( nurses, doctors, admin, social workers, physio, speech etc etc etc). Fast food workers ( healthcare folks depend on you to eat). And the list goes on.

I wanted to reflect and remind myself how blessed I normally am. I definately take lots of things in my life for granted.

  • Childcare. OMG the stress of sorting out where the kids are going day to day has been a real treat. Luckily I landed a spot in an essential worker daycare but lots of anxiety around that.
  • Touching. Hugging. Shaking hands.
  • Feeling comfortable walking around the grocery store.
  • Being able to guilt freely go to the grocery store.
  • Sleep
  • Having a planned day
  • Seeing my friends
  • Seeing my neice
  • Activities that tire my little side kicks out i.e. cheer, skating, swim.
  • Playgrounds, play places.
  • Playdates

Things I am sooooo grateful for.

  • My kids’ ability to be flexible ( going to a strange daycare out of the blue must have been so confusing today).
  • My team (honestly not sure what I would do without Jocelyn, Andrea, chistina, Christie & our Vitalite partners).
  • Technology- I can’t imagine going through this without technology. I’ve never been more virtually connected to people in my life.
  • My husband- so blessed to go to work knowing my kids have an amazing father who love them.

These are unexplored waters. We will likely have a spike in cases. Maybe we won’t. I’m not a public health expert. I am going to appreciate the smaller pleasures in life when this is all over that’s for sure. And I’m likely going to be even more of a hugger.

With love,


Me with my biggest baby.

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