Photo Series by HollysHustle.

Im having the funnest time with my new photography Instagram page


Every picture tells a story and that’s what I love so much about photography. My favorite part is that I can create completely fabricated realities for my objects.

Saint John NB is a beautiful old city with so much diversity and life.

Photo series “people”. I chose four of my favorite shots. Intentionally made them black and white and edited them to protect the subjects identities . I do not know them and the basically just walked into my frame.


Do you ever wonder what other people are up to. Are they happy? Sad? Mad? I imagine these people as happy and blessed. Enjoying the unique beauty urban uptown SJ has to offer in the middle of a Sunday afternoon.
The second photo of my black and white photo series featuring the good folks of SJ. This guy strikes me as up to no good. But who knows. He was definately on a mission a d found himself in my frame . Saint john is such an eclectic diverse group of humans.
This is the third photo in my black & white photoseries “people”. This is such a suited photo for International Womens Day. This badass woman was wearing her baby AND her guitar. I imagine her following her dreams despite becoming a mother. How powerful is this image. So happy she walked into my frame today 
My final photo in my photo series “people”. I feel like these folks depend on one another and because of that support can climb any mountain and overcome any obstacle that they encounter.

The next theme I photographed this afternoon was the beautiful doors found on Germaine St in uptown SJ. There are pairs of of doors that so deeply contrast in made for some interesting day dreams.


One of my most favorite things about saint john is the old architecture. I imagine two outgoing personalities competing for attention. Bold blue versus mellow yellow.
I imagine these two Germaine St patrons to be completely different. Stylish black versus bold blue.
Final photo in todays photoseries DOORS. These couldnt be any different.  Traditional finished wood. Refinished parlour door style in the popular bold blue. I like the contrast and enjoy this picture.

One photo that didnt make the cut because they matched and are essentially identical is worth sharing. Tossed photo in this series “doors” will be shared

I imagine these neighbors get along. They might even be friends.

I hope you enjoyed these photoseries as much as I have enjoyed creating them.


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