Authenticity. Why is it so hard?

Authenticity means being true to your morales, beliefs and most importantly YOU as a person. Everybody is different. Everybody is unique. Why isnt this embraced? Why isnt authenticity accepted?

One of a kind. Photo taken March 1 2020

Because it is hard. Its hard to not assimilate to the masses. Everybody wants to be liked and accepted. Everybody wants to “fit in”.

So I am not sure who needs to hear this. This is the pep talk I give myself when the going gets tough. I take pride in being authentically ME. Its the one thing I know I do well.

Ask yourself

  • If noone else was around would I still be making this decision? If you answer “yes” then proceed.

Its that simple folks.

Be a snowflake. Unique. Authentic. Beautiful.

Look at this little fella. Not afraid to stand alone.

So listen to that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach. If it doesnt feel right it likely isnt. This is applicable to all areas of life.





Listen to your heart. Be authentic. Be true to yourself. Authenticity will guide you to great joy & happiness. But you have to be all in.

All my best,


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