Reality (perceived and accurate)

Our kids are growing up in a culture that “we” created. They will never experience the type of childhood us 90s kids experienced.

Then… Screen time was saturday morning cartoons.

Now… Its ipads, smartphones and netflix. Now we have to schedule “playtime” away from technology.

But so are we… Young parents, working professionals and human beings. “Growing up” in a completely different culture.

Then… Chat with our neighbors, welcome van fulls of kids over to eat you out of house and home…. Talk to your mom friends from a phone attached to the wall.

Now…. We have facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter etc etc. We are seeing the most perfect moments from peoples lives. We also share the most beautiful moments of ours.

These social media platforms give us (and our youth) a twisted sense of what life ought to be like. Perfectly applied makeup, 5am workouts, loving family days without the whining/the fighting, career accomplishments etc etc.

So Im going to be real for a minute.

My family made it to the Santa Claus parade this weekend by the thread of a needle. My oldest whined while writing her Santa letter (and sounded so ungrateful) and my youngest just bugged and bugged until the two of them got into a big fight.

I didnt want to go.

My husband works shift and I wanted to have the happy evening with the kiddos. So I caved and we just went.

And there were happy moments. Laughing simultaneously with my hubby while Avry danced exactly to the beat of the marching band. Watching Georgias eyes light up as she sees “highschools kids” she so passionately wants to be. I am glad we went.


So we have the happy family picture posted to facebook to announce to our friends and family “hey, we made it to the parade this year…” but frig it was a tough afternoon leading up to this moment. If you look close enough… You can sort of tell.

Its in the eyes of the parents. Blake and I look tired.

I love my family and am grateful for my life.. But we are far from perfect and I am the first to admit that.

Tomorrow is Monday.

Lets do it.

Holly ❤️

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