Just ME…

You guys………

I havent had the chance to blog in a really long time….

Its been a rough few months and the demands of life were swallowing me whole. But i recognized this, took a semestre off school, put myself first for a change and it couldnt have been better.

I am happy… Doing my thing.. Filling the void with all things Holly



Professional Development

* Currently enrolled in a 6 week HCV course. Which I think is pertinent to my role yet never had the time for “extras” as a masters student.

Leadership development

This is a life long learning commitment that I am committed to. The growth I have seen in myself within the past month…. I am proud of myself. Not in a self affirmation kind of way… But in a “you really can do this Holly” kind of way. I believe in myself again.


So stoked to be the newest board member of Avenue B

You need energy to enjoy these opportunities and Im so blessed to have my zest back. And Im so humbled for this opportunity.


My kids have always came first. This is mostly the reason I was burning out at a record pace.


When Im exhausted, anxious and feeling overwhelmed daily I will be the first to admit I am not the best version of “Mommy”. How can you be. Now I feel like Blake, the kids and I are a team. Conquering the days, weeks amd eventually months. This takes…


I am blessed to have a marriage with an open dialogue.

Now Im doing their activities, house stuff, and PLAY (THIS IS SO IMPORTANT) and its just easy peasy. You know why?! Because I chose to remove the weight of the word off my shoulders. I chose to choose happiness.

Disclaimer~sometimes the house is messy and I am ok with that~

Taking a break gave me the opportunity to get ME back.

With all that being said I have recouped my typical over prepared, overly ambitious, busy self back and I do have a message to send.

There is only 5 paychecks left before Christmas. FIVE. In my world anyway.

I plan to have my shopping completed early this year. Last year last minute shopping nearly drove me off the deep end.

Choose experiences over clutter. Kids crave love. They never tire of it. But a toy will find its way to the bottom of a toy box eventually.

Choose local over big chain stores. First to admit I will shop a mixture of both. But my focus will be local where feasible.

Kids are fundraising. I promote so many cheer fundraisers for G and I want to return the favor. If your selling something for your kid tell me. There are good christmas gifts within these fundraisers.

Focus on family. My god life is too short. Have the dinner. Even if the house is a mess, have the dinner. Enjoy eachothers company.

Gather with friends. Even though everyone is so busy with their individual families. Make the time.

Check in. Christmas is just stressful for some people. It can be financially burdening if you let it. Make sure your people are okay.

Take away from my come back post…

Be happy. Choose happy. Put yourself first. Its so worth it.


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