Conflict 101

Okay…. So i attended a conflict management workshop this year and I had an aha moment.. I want to share that moment with you.

As a human being who tends to push against the norm (sometimes) and is very passionate (easy to tease), I find myself dealing with conflict often– in both my professional and personal life.

It is how we interpret conflict (understand it) that matters.

Did you know that over 70% of conflicts are due to “facts and data”? Over 70% of conflicts wouldnt occur if we had all the facts and data on the table. How crazy is that?!

Conflict resolution 101.

  1. Know the facts (and not just your facts)
  2. Be a curious george… Ask questions to learn the facts.
  3. Go into situations with an open mind.

Trust me. It works. And there will be less conflict in your world. It worked for me.

Have a great week.


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