Timely “check yourselfs” .

You know when you work really really hard at something- or someone. You believe in it with everything. Your kids…. Your work…. Your hobbies…. Your side biz…. Whatever it is in your world. And something-or someone- stands in your way?? Threatens the possibilities of your—- thing from coming to life… Or just simply puts a wrench in your plan?!


That hot tingling feeling of anger bubbling beneath your pores? The irrational thoughts of different reactions you wish you had the guts to pull off.

You think to yourself yet another set back, challenge, “problem” to overcome. Ugh… Super frustrating right?!

But then

you learn of a family who is struggling to get their kids winter boots. Mid november.

The point Im trying to make is we all have our things. When you step back and really reflect.. Its our challenges that strengthen us. Make us who we are. Offer us resilience- such a beautiful gift.

And I guarantee there is a family/ a person who is struggling. Who looks at your “problems” and wishes they could have them.

You know, my little fella has a multicystic dysplastic kidney. Blake and I were devastated. Ill never forget the “check yourself” moment we got at the first urology appointment. The most sick, but sweetest, little girl was there with her mom. Blake and I left that office on that day with tears in our eyes and a so so much gratitide for the health our kids do have. The worry and anxiety that mom must feel is unfathomable to me.

Life is full of “check yourself moments”. Next time your feeling discouraged just try to look at the glass half full…. Life can feel pretty bleak sometimes but the grass isn’t always greener on the otherside.

Tomorrow is hump day… Half way to the weekend

Peace & love


4 thoughts on “Timely “check yourselfs” .

  1. Our moment was when Paige got the ok for activity after her 5th eye surgery and we were just about to do the literal happy dance at the elevator and around the corner comes a little girl with a toque on covering her baldness and with crutches as she had her leg amputated above the knee. It was our moment. Just put everything into perspective It is so easy to get caught up in our world and our issues amd cares. They are all important. We just need to be reminded that there are others who are struggling too.
    Thanks for this ❤️

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