Whether you are studying for work, school or yourself.. I got you covered: Tips & Tricks for success

Studying, whether reading or writing, is hard to fit into the daily routine. You see, after I wake up, successfully get the kids to daycare before the bus comes, work all day, do Georgia’s homework (while entertaining Avry), cook and feed the children, bathe them, snuggle them to sleep (without falling asleep myself) I’m ready for bed. The last thing I want to do is study. I have a few tricks five courses deep in the degree.

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house to do stuff non-mom related. Even when dad is home. What is it about kids always wanting their mommas…. “but mommie I just want to talk to you” is Georgia’s famous line. The library at work is my go to spot. Evening study sessions are even better because you have the the whole place to yourself! And I can print my research au gratuit. Win-win.

Sometimes I dont need solitude; just a change of scenery and hit up starbucks for the afternoon. People watching is fun and some of my best work came from long paper writing sessions at starbucks. All kinds of folks plug their laptops in, buy a fancy coffee and dig deep into whatever they are working on at starbucks. I highly recommend it.

Create a study nook in your own home. Sometimes the travel to amd from the library, or starbucks, cuts into valuable time you could be accomplishing your study to-dos. If you have a space you can squeeze in 30 minutes or an hour of quiet time here and there (like when you get lucky and kids have a nap).

Just like I say about my housework: do a little here and there and it doesnt get so overwhelming. Devote 30-60minutes of time to your studies nightly. But take nights off to rejuvenate. If you work in little spurts like this you are less likely to burn out.

Online learning is tricky because it is self driven. Setting goals and sticking to your plan will ensure success.

See you at starbucks.


2 thoughts on “Whether you are studying for work, school or yourself.. I got you covered: Tips & Tricks for success

  1. Sound advice Holly, little and often worked for me peppered with longer spells when my husband was free and would take our two children for a nature walk or to visit their granny. Wishing you every success!


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