Butterfly effect

Have you ever thought to yourself where will I be in 2-5 even 10 years? Where will my kids be?

Today I find myself looking backwards.

  • I wonder what my life would be if I didnt get into that car accident in third year university that caused me to do homecare instead of waitressing. And now I am not a lawyer– I am a nurse.
  • What if I had decided to stay home that night in June 2007. Would I have ended up falling in love with Blake? Would I have two beautiful children today?
  • What if we hadnt recognized Georgia was falling behind in her speech when she was one. Would she be the same smart well rounded little girl she is today? Without early intervention would she be rocking kindergarden? I dont know the answer.

You see if each of these moments had played out differently my life could look very different today. What is it that they say… when a butterfly flaps its wings the trajectory of an event (sometimes even weeks later) can forever change. When these moments occurred my future took a different trajectory (unbeknownst to me).

Its surreal to think about really. Some moments that were disappointing at the time or made me feel pain lead me to the life I live today (which is a good life).

I guess the thought for today… What I have been trying to wrap my head around..

Each past moment defines who we are today– even the bad ones. So we need to trust in the plan of whatever higher power you believe in and know there is some purpose (some reason) for whatever roadblocks you meet along your journey.


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