Milestone moments

It’s a big day in our household today! The toothfairy is visiting for the very first time. This brings me back to all the firsts we experienced so far!

First steps.

First word.

First full nights sleep.

First sleepover.

First book read.

And now I feel myself thinking of how grown up my baby is going to look with her big teeth. It is so heartwarming and heart wrenching at the same time to watch these big milestone moments.

I remember so vividly this long night when I was very pregnant with Avry and Blake was working nights and I ended up sleeping on a lazyboy with Georgia because she needed her mom. Now shes off in kindergarten losing teeth. When on earth did that happen.

Now we look forward to so many more firsts.

First bike ride without trainers.

First walk to the store without an adult.

First dance.

First boyfriend.

First heart break.

I’m dreading and exitedly anticipating these days at the same time.

Children grow up so fast. Dont blink or you will miss something.


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