Easy (from scratch) Homemade Apple Pie

This is so easy I whipped it up (before supper) and I want to share this old school recipe with you.

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ISO 800 50mm f/7.1 1/50 seconds Day 23 “Favorite Pie”

There is nothing better then enjoying the delicious taste of warm homemade apple pie.  It is my favorite pie to make because this recipe ALWAYS delivers.

Preheat your oven 425 (or based on your ovens temperature| mines extra hot so I started at 400)

What you need

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5 cups of flour
1 lb crisco
1 egg (beat in 1 cup of water
1 tbs vinegar (i omitted this because i didn’t have it on hand)
1 tsp salt


1 bag of apples
2/3 sugar
1/4 tbs cinnamon
A few pieces of margerine (or butter)

 Bake for the first 10 minutes at 425 then reduce heat to 375 (or 350 if you have an extra hot oven like me) for the remaining 35 minutes.

Enjoy 😉


2 thoughts on “Easy (from scratch) Homemade Apple Pie

  1. I have known this amazing woman since 2004. Yep! 15 years friendship. Through those years, we had the privilege to live together. Privilege? Why is it a privilege? Not only did we chose to live together for 3 years, but Holly took me in like family. (Not every roomate can say that!!) And the privilege is; not only did I get to see first hand how this recipe is done and taste it. I got to meet the original creator. This was a throw back for me Crowe!!! ENJOY 🙂 #Crisco all the way # We tried other kinds with NO success


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