My Bible (aka Bullet Journal)

I am about to let you in on my little secret.  How have I juggled several responsibiities easily since January– My Bullet Journal.  Don’t panick I am going to tell you all about the magic.

snowflakes (1 of 1)

Let me take you back to the last time I remember being this organized. Year 2016.  I bullet journaled for close to a year.  Meals- Healthy & Yummy! Goals- Set & Met! House- Clean & Organized!  Why did I stop?  I wanted to try a new planner– then I tried another– then another.  For two years nothing quite fit.  Nothing stuck.  I found my 2016 bullet journal (had a blast sifting through it) and decided 2019 was the year to get my life back on track.  Why not, right?

So what is a bullet journal. It is an empty notebook.  Mine is a LEUCHTTURM1917.  And it’s pink!  How Holly!  For me (and that is the pure beauty of it because it is purely a customized creation) it is my agenda, memory keeper, and to-do list all in one convenient place.  As I always say: “write something down and put a box beside it! You feel inclined to tick off that box.  So you get er done!”.

What if I have an appointment in March and it is January; how do I remember? One word: Future log!

snowflakes (1 of 1)-2

Paydays are circled. Year at a glance and a spot to jot down appointments and to-dos for the entire year.

But thats not all you can do!  You can track your progress through various trackers.  The inspiration on pintrest, google etc is endless.  Weightloss- you got it! Exercise- that’s right. Your mood- people do that too!


To the left you can see my “cleaning schedule”.  This spread is broken down into daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually and annual chores.  And yes I get the pleasure of checking off the boxes as I get my house cleaned every week.  In fact- January’s monthly chores are already complete because– I wanted to tick off that box!

The circle you see is my Monthly planner.  Not a fan of this spread and will be changing it up for February!

To the right you see a portion of my 365PhotoBlog tracker.  It reminds me of what photo I am trying to capture on any particular day and holds me accountable.

Here is my bible.  This is my weekly spread.  I can’t remember where I drew inspiration for this–pintrest most likely.  This was my favorite weekly spread back in 2016 so I have adopted it in my 2019 journal. Three pages are trimmed at the top so I can see my whole week at a glance while still having the luxury of a daily section I get to flip through.  Washi tape makes the pages pop out and look pretty.  And who doesnt like a little splash of colour in their day.  I track my weekly chores, my habits (i.e did I do my homework, did I take my photo, did Georgia do her homework, did I exercise (I am doing really bad at this one) and the list goes on), my mood (this is new this week– and I kind of like it!), appointments (for kids and me), my homework goals (PPPSSS I completed a paper 1 week early- this never happens), shopping list, my day at a glance (this is the most fun to look back on) and a gratitude log (what am I grateful for today?).  This week I included a section called “next weeks checklist” which I find really useful because I can pre-plan a bit.  I will do this moving forward!

So my friend at work has an HP printer for little photos that you can print directly from your cell-phone| my birthday is next month and I feel like it is an absolute necessity for my bullet journal– I am getting one.  How cute!  Its like micro-scrapbooking.  I LOVE scrapbooking but can’t manage to find the time around momming.  Someday!  This is a cute alternative and would make my bullet journal even more fun to flip through in five-ten- years time!

Photos all ISO 400 35mm f/5.6 1/125 secs Day 22 “Writing” #365PhotoBlog

Hope I inspired a little creative planning in your world!  Remember! This can be as minimalist or extravagant as YOU want it to be.  Bullet journaling is beautiful because it is exactly as you want it!


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