Setting goals is easy– following through is the challenging part. Some tips to succeed.


The sky really is the limit if you are willing to put yourself out there and if you strive to meet your goals.  We all have things we want to do.  We all have dreams.  How can we make our goals a reality.  I don’t want to wonder “what if?” as I grow older.  And I am definately not getting any younger.

I have two small kids.  They are busy.  I have a full-time nursing career (that I love).  It is demanding.  I am a student working through my masters (it is not always easy or fun; but sometimes it is).  I have mom goals.  I have nursing goals.  I have student goals.  But, I also have “ME goals”.  I have made a committment to putting work into making “ME goals” a priority in my life (for the first time ever).  Finally, right!?

This brings me to my first piece of advice: MAKE THE TIME FOR YOUR “ME GOALS’.  If you don’t make the time they will never become reality!

I have been busy today.  My kids eat up sooo much of my energy.  Long cheer practices and hectic birthday partys.  Shopping with two kids is never fun.  It is easy to wrap yourself up in a comfy couch blanket, netflix and chill when they go to bed.  Am I right?!  And sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered. BUT watching netflix/ cable/ TV every single night after you finish your everyday essentials (mothering, nursing & schoolwork are mine) is a recipe of getting NOTHING done.

This brings me to my second piece of advice (and this one is important): LIMIT YOUR WASTEFUL SCREEN TIME. Make netflix a treat instead of the norm!

Making goals is easy.   Without a plan they will NEVER become a reality.  So my next piece of wisdom to bestow upon you is simple (yet not too many people actually do it).


Noone but YOU will benefit from putting an action plan in place to reach your “me goals”.  Noone else will be invested in your success.  As you become a parent, start a career, buy a house– basically when you become an adult “me goals” are set on the back burner.  With a plan your goals are attainable.  With committment your dreams can come true.


3 thoughts on “Setting goals is easy– following through is the challenging part. Some tips to succeed.

  1. Yes, I do like this ‘modge podge.’ We say ‘hodge podge’ but either way it all comes down to a balancing act and self-care x 10! I write daily to-do lists to help keep focused. Best of luck Holly with your goals!


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