Dropping the ball today..

We wake up at 0400 AM … I struggle to get the kids back to bed. Then 0744 panick stricken we all fly out of MY bed. Yes my three yo and 5yo still end up in our bed every night. “Bad dreams” are bound to them if they stay in their bed. I guess for the most part I dont mind. I miss them those odd nights they sleep through the night.

Anyways. Back to my day.

I get the dreaded daycare text “we are not opening today due to the weather conditions” FRIG I am a nurse and now Im flat out of options. We are staying home for ice day numéros deux!

The funnest part of my day is yesterday at 1500 (3pm) my internet/ TV connection just stopped working.

Try explaining to a three year old and five year old that we cannot watch paw patrol or peppa pig or “yayayah” aka A girl like you – Adam Lavigne (Avrys jam). We can watch a movie, read or play. Thats it. Thats the option.

Well I must have explained this foreign concept to them 15000 times by the time Blake came home. My kids love to play paw patrol WHILE ITS PLAYING in the background. So basically they spent the day running wild and getting into stuff.

As I am trying to drink my hot coffee. They are climbing all over me and pestering me for this and that. Mom I need a drink; mommy i want water; Mommy I need a hug. Geesh kids I was just at your beck and call for the past 30 minutes serving breakfast, getting you to go pee, putting a movie on. Give me 10 minutes of peace to wake up.

I decide to file some papers away in the filing cabinet. The piles getting big. CRASH. My heart drops and I run into Georgias room to find her tall corner shelf half tipped. Her piggy bank smashed into pieces, her lego creation shattered. SHES OK. But holy that could have ended worse. She was trying to climb the shelf to get her jewelry box (that i said she couldnt have). Aarg. Scared me.

We clean up the mess.

She spends HOURS talking about wearing her necklace

Finally I cave. She cleaned up the toys I let her wear it.

30 minutes later her (real) gold chain is broken. She blames Avry but we talk about how it was her responsibility to take care of it.

Lets go fix it mom. Not today Georgia. But WHY? why why why.

Finally we put on the movie Cars. Bride them with popcorn. Paying for my youngest to nap. No way was he napping. But she randomly did.


Day 21 “Blue” #365PhotoBlog

What the hell. Ill just power snooze at the worst possible time.

Its like they are plotting against my sanity.

One thing after another all day. Repeated requests. I want I want I want.

I am tired.

I am touched out.

I am taking a bath and looking forward to work tomorrow.

That is all. That is it.


2 thoughts on “Dropping the ball today..

  1. Typical day and life of a mom.
    Good job going with the flow. Don’t forget to look back smile about all the crazy moments you thought would never end!


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