At the Mercy of Mother Nature

Photo taken in front of my house

Day 20 “sleep” #365PhotoBlog

We are in the middle of a massive weather alert snow/ice storm here on the east coast. The whole city (unless your a shiftworker) is quiet. Malls are closed and buses have been pulled from the roads. It has been bitter this past week and with the grounds frozen solid this mild weather and rain is a recipe for flooding.

The last big ice storm of 2013 left us without power for several days over my daughters first christmas. We evacuated to my folks place.

This has me wondering. What precautions does your family take. We invested in a generator after the last storm. Earlier this year we finally used it when we lost power. Worth every penny.

We have the necessities handy at a time like this. Flashlights/ candles/ food you dont have to cook.

My husband built a snow trench to send the rain to the gutter. We sure hope it works.

Important thing is we are together and safe. We still have power for now but its not looking good.

Do you have a safety kit ready for an emergency? What is in it? I want to put an essentials tote together!



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