Just go for it!

I know many people who will read this post have dreams and interests they think about pursuing but maybe just don’t have the confidence or support.  I just want to say– DO IT!  Life is too short.  We could get into a car accident tomorrow and with it all of this unlocked potential could disseminate.


Day 18 “Hugs” (worked a double yesterday so posting late) #365PhotoBlog

I have wanted to master my camera for the past five years.  I have read books, photography blogs and through trial and error my confidence is starting to build.  You see, in order to succeed in something the key is to pick up your camera and practice.  I am now able to adjust my camera settings (confidently knowing what I am trying to accomplish) mid shoot.  I am finally starting to understand the fundamentals of photography.  Posting my photos (the good and bad) to my blog is my way to hold myself accountable.


Day 19 “Popcorn” #365PhotoBlog (the kids enjoyed the aftermath of this photo)

This is the year I am investing in myself.  I have always been a ‘real’ person but I am human.  Sometimes you hold back out of fear of what other people might say (or think).  How does that saying go?  It takes a second to knock someone down but a much longer to build them back up.  My husband would tell me not to throw around sayings because I always get them backwards (haha) but you know what I am trying to say.  Well I am taking ownership of my own happiness and investing in myself this year.  I am inviting you along for the journey.

So for what it is worth.. My advice to you is pick up that camera (or whatever it is that fancies you).  Writing and photography have been interests of mine for a long time.  2019 is the year I plan on making them a priority in my life.  We only have one life to live– don’t forget to live it.


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