Weekends Activities…

365 photo blog (1 of 1)-11

ISO 800 35mm f/2.8 1/60 secs Day 13 “Bug” #365PhotoBlog

We made a trip to the pet store today for this capture.

Painting with apples, potatoes and paint brushes.  It yields some interesting results let me tell you.  What you need: Canvas (or paper), piece of firm food you can cut into shapes (we used potatoes & apples), paint brushes and paint!



We made flowers.

Small potato cut in half made the perfect pistil (or center of the flower).  Long vertical cuts sliced thin made beautiful flower petals.  We used a paint brush make a long stem.  The extra long thin slices made pretty flower petals.


Potatoes work better then apples.

You don’t need a lot of paint.  Just have a thin layer of paint otherwise it will clump.

Make sure each kid their own potato stamps.

365 photo blog (1 of 1)-12

This is how we spent our Sunday afternoon.






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