Dear other half

365 photo blog (1 of 1)-13

ISO 800 35mm f/2.8 1/25 secs Day 14 “Cozy”

For my husband,

It is the little things I am most grateful for tonight.  The fact that ordering pizza was okay.  That you entertained a living room ‘pizza party’.  I know how much you hate the kids eating in the living room.  But you let them have a special supper.  The sound of you doing home work with Georgia.  The pride and worth you make her feel.  The sound of you praising Avry for identifying the number 4.  I know how difficult it is to engage both kids at once.  But you do!

As I am fighting away a headache in the tub– a stressful Monday.  I hear the door open and you hand me a glass of wine.  Quietly acknowledging that I need some attention– and time for  myself.  You just take over parent duty and let me have my moment to regenerate.

I needed you tonight.  Thank you.

Your Wife



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