Some fun ideas to occupy your kids on the weekend

365 photo blog (1 of 1)-10

ISO 35mm  100 f/11 1/50 secs Day 12 “Sunrise” #365PhotoBlog

Georgia is feeling more like herself today.  Definitely on the mend.  To be safe we are staying home– away from people we could possibly infect.  It feels like – 30 c outside today so we are cooped up in our house all day.  Parenthood challenge= don’t reverse all the housework accomplished yesterday.  So this has me thinking… what could we do for fun today.  I have brainstormed a list and thought I would share (since today 365 challenge had me shooting at ‘sunrise’)

  • Make photo blocks- this is a really easy (and fun) activity that will occupy your little one for at least an hour.  Be prepared to engage with them and help!
    • Find a small box or milk carton. Fill it with newspaper or the like. (in case your kiddo decides to sit on it).  Now for the fun part- decorate the box with family photos, paper scraps, colouring.  Cutting and gluing practice for your preschool aged kids.  When your masterpiece is complete cover the whole thing with packing tape.  This ensures spills can be wiped up quickly and easily and the blocks can be used as long as you choose.
  • Bake something- Not sure what it is about mixing, stirring and adding ingredients but the kids seem to love it.  Whether its a loaf of bread, muffins or delicious cookies.  Today we will be baking some blueberry muffins!
  • Do a sensory activity. 
    • Sensory activities are not only fun but also contribute to your child’s development.  Moon sand has been a favorite in my house: made from flour and baby oil!  I encourage this one- just be prepared to clean up a mess afterward.
    • screenshot_20190112-105625_instagram (3)
    • Fine motor development is so important and another fun activity is stringing noodles on twine/ ribbon, string whatever you have laying around.
    • The possibilities are endless for sensory activities.
  • Painting is always loads of fun.  
    • Taping painters tape on a canvas (or even paper) to display a cool design/ name/ word then painting over top.  When the painter tape is removed your design/ word will be displayed in a really cool way.  The kids love this!painting
    • It can also be really fun to cut a potatoe (or something else you have available in your kitchen) in half and use it as a stamp to paint.
  • These are a few activities I enjoy doing with the kids.  The Paw Patrol team (this is what my kids are doing this morning) seem to be wrapping up their mission.  I must prepare lunch and engage these kids this afternoon with something fun!

Happy Saturday


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