When the plan changes unexpectedly, sometimes you just need to roll with it.

365 photo blog (1 of 1)-9

ISO 3200 35mm f/6.3 1/50 secs Day 11 “Black & White” #365PhotoBlog

Meetings booked, pills to pass, clients to see.  Today was supposed to be a hectic work day.  Full of things to do without enough time to do them.

0400- Georgia woke up in my bed.  She needed to go to the bathroom.  No big deal right?  Well last nights spaghetti was all in my bed.  So we clean up the mess; clean up Georgia and clean up me.  Georgia tells me she doesn’t feel good.  My fingers are crossed extra that it was just the spaghetti and she would wake up at 0600 ready to rock n roll.  Nope– in comes the diarrhea.  And then more vomit.

Plans are changing. Blake is in between night shifts and Miss G is not going to school in this state.

So thankful I have a supportive and understanding manager. I rarely use sick time and am extremely committed to my position.  This pays off on days like today.  She managed to get the shift covered.  I was able to stay home with my little girl.

Georgia slept off and on most of the day.  She is wide awake right know watching me “work on my puter”.  She is fascinated with computers and wants one of her own.  It has been a long day but I used it wisely.  Weekend chores are complete and laundry is mostly caught up.  We (well Avry and I) had a nice pot roast dinner.  Blake left for work and Georgia ate apple sauce.  BUT left overs are all ready for tomorrow’s supper.

Hoping no one else catches this bug.

This too shall pass.




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