Charlie: My First Baby

365 photo blog (1 of 1)-5

ISO 1600 35mm f/2.8 1/30 secs Day 8 “C is for…”

Meet Charlie- Dogue de Bordeaux- 165 lbs

My plan today was to attempt to get a shot of Charlie shaking off water post bath. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera to Pet Value (where I bathe Charlie).  Lord knows he would NEVER get into the bathtub here.  And honestly, I like leaving the mess at pet value.  Nevertheless, Charlie is exhausted from a day at the spa.

We welcomed Charlie into our family the year we bought our home— 7 years ago I believe.  We drove all the way to Elgon to meet the puppies.  My eye was originally on the runt of the litter (because I was worried no one would him).  Blake had his eye on a big pup– that wanted nothing to do with me.  We ‘settled’ for Charlie.  He was interested in both Blake and myself and was the cutest little pup.  Best compromise I have ever made.

Charlie’s mom was a solid dogue de Bordeaux.  She leaped over the baby gate to greet Blake and I when we were seeing the pups.  I almost backed out because– she leaped over a baby gate.  HAHA Charlie does not take after his mom.  Charlie wouldn’t walk over a broom if you laid it across the door way.  If he managed to get across it would be dramatic run over the broom.  Such a comical big guy.  Charlie is petrified of the vacuum, the hair dryer, the broom and pretty much anything else that makes noise.

After Charlie’s bath we had his nails trimmed.  My goodness, what a job.  This amazing groomer “Mike” used to work at the spot we used and Charlie was in and out (no issues) within 10-15 minutes.  He moved last September and we have been groomer hopping since (looking for the right fit).  The same spot we used in the past hired a new groomer.  I had to help out today because Charlie was just not having it.  What a job that was.  I don’t think we give dog groomers enough credit.

Charlie has been a part of our family since the long drive back to Quispamsis from Elgon that February night.  He has welcomed both of our children into the world with us.  So gentle and so amazing with my kids.  I cannot imagine a life without my big guy.  Seven years old is “old” for his breed.  I am mentally preparing myself for the day I no longer have drool spots to clean off the wall and dog hair to sweep up.  Hopefully we chose the diamond in the litter and still have many more years to love him.

Charlie will always be part of our family.



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