Sweet Dreams

365 photo blog (1 of 1)-4

ISO 400 35mm f/2.8 1/8 secs Day7 “Dream”

No one told me that owning different color kids’ cups, bowls and cutlery would be such an issue.  Avry wants the blue one– well until Georgia takes the orange one.  Then the big fight over the orange bowl consumes dinner.  Why on earth don’t ‘they’ (whoever they are) put all one colour in a set of kids dishes?  It would make like much more peaceful.

Currently we have three different chairs in my living room.  The kids have their snacks, colour pictures, play Lego etc on my coffee table.  Fight ensues over the little wooden chair.  It is the last chair I would pick.  It is the least comfy.  Yet every single day there’s a battle.  Georgia thinks it is her chair because she is bigger.  Avry thinks it is exclusively his chair.  I will tell you who is going to get the chair— the flipping curb.

You can feel so patientless and so frustrated.  Wine o’clock at 1700 frustrated.  Then they fall asleep and look like this.  Wrap their little around you as you carry them to bed. And all the impatience and frustration just melt away. Sweet dreams.


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