Tips to manage a REALLY busy schedule

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Today is the day my fifth Masters course opened up! In addition to that I have several other personal & professional responsibilities.  Over the years I have trialed and errored a few ‘ways of being’ if you will.  I am not saying I practice these faithfully; but my life is much easier when I do.  For this reason I thought I would share.

Tip #1

My husband taught me this.  I guess I always knew it but was too stubborn to listen.  In case he reads this post I better give him the credit.

Pack the lunches the night before and lay out the kids clothes.

Now last semester I was struggling to find pants for my son in the 5 baskets of unfolded clean laundry.  So believe me when I say this is easier said then done.  But this morning was a dream– no rushing AND I knew where everything was!

Tip #2

I HATE doing this. But if there is a chance you will be alone with your kids during the hectic morning of school prep and rush out the door.  Do yourself a favor and shower (or soak in the tub) the night before.  Just in case you can’t make it happen in the morning chaos– your co-workers will thank you.

Tip #3

Make a To-Do or reminder list.  Better yet find a planner that meets your life style– and use it.  I don’t know what it is about writing something down– you are simply compelled to just do it.  The satisfaction of checking a task off as complete is priceless.  Personally, I bullet journal– it is therapeutic and the only way I can commit to a planner structure long term.  Trust me I have trialed several.

Tip #4

Don’t wait until you have time to clean your entire house to do house work– especially if you have kids or pets.  Doing a little bit everyday really does make a difference.

Tip #5

Doing the dishes right after supper makes life more bearable; as does folding the laundry straight out of the dryer.

Disclaimer: I am guilty of not consistently doing these two things.  I ALWAYS regret it.

Tip #5

Do you. Enjoy your family, do things you enjoy, set personal goals (and actually follow through).

Life is too short!



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