Dark Photography

365 photo blog (2 of 3)


365 photo blog (3 of 3)

ISO 400 35mm f/2.8 1/30 secs Day 6 “Dark” #365PhotoBlog

Who knew this was a thing!? I literally googled “dark photography” for inspiration and some direction.  Charlie my 165 lb Dogue de Bourdeaux agreed to be my subject for these photos.  In regular Charlie fashion he was a bit stubborn and I had to be patient until he laid the way I wanted him to in order to catch the right light.  I am a novice photographer and have committed to this challenge to learn more about my camera so I can live on manual for the rest of my picture snapping days.  It is quite fun to have an excuse to pick up my camera everyday and try something new! And I am starting to think this might actually pay off!  Dark photography might be something I experiment more with.  I really like how these shots turned out.

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