Confidence- Kids need it.

365 photo blog (1 of 1)-3

ISO 1600 35mm f/4.5 1/200 secs Day 5 “A Year in Review”

One of my favorite memories in 2018 has been watching my daughter’s confidence build since joining cheerleading.  As a former cheerleader, this is a sport that demands dedication, strength, determination and confidence.  Watching her eyes light up and her different facial expressions as she practices brings tears to my eyes almost weekly– I can just tell she is so proud of herself and knows that she is doing a really great job.  As a mother I could not ask for more of a return on the investment of enrolling her.  It makes it worth every penny spent.

Sometimes we have the privilege of watching the competitive team practice before our practice.  Georgia is just mesmerized by the “big kids” and aspires to be on the “big team” someday.  I just tell her if she practices and commits to anything in life the possibilities are endless.  Practice and someday maybe you will be on the “big team”.  I think this is the first goal she has set for herself and consistently works towards.

I am a proud cheer mom!  I hope her confidence continues to grow and I know she will achieve amazing things in life (in and out of the gym).

I think as parents it is our job to instill confidence in our children.  We must guide them and help them believe that anything can be possible with a strong will and determination.  I urge parents to find what it is your child is interested in and help them develop that skill.  Help them work through rough patches/ problem solve.  Build relationships and deal with conflicts.  Be committed to something– teach them you have to show up even when you don’t feel like it.  It is our job to build up these little humans.  We play an important part in who they will turn out to be!



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