Mom Guilt (of the working mom)

DAY 2 (365 photo challenge) “BUBBLES”

Bath time was fun tonight.  Largely because I was running out of time to capture today’s theme “bubbles” so I made the bubbliest bubble bath for the kids and snapped some shots.  But you know why it was fun for both the kids AND me?! Because I dropped them off to daycare at 710AM and picked them up at 530PM—- I missed them.  KOODOS to all the SAHMs and WORKING MOMS out there– you are AMAZING.  Thinking about this brings me back to a conversation I had with my girlfriends just before Christmas vacation.

One says “I cannot imagine going back to work… I just want to stay home with my babies”… I’m thinking “….. wait until they’re toddlers”.

After a few more of my girlfriends made comments about how much they miss their kids when they are at daycare and how much they wish they could just stay home.  I am thinking “… For me daycare drop off is my favorite part of the day.  Sometimes I let a little “WOOHOO” out as I skip back to my car.  I get to listen to the radio in silence, make a phone call without two little voices interrupting, drink my hot coffee or just think.  I felt guilty hearing my friends talk about missing their kids.  What the hell is wrong with me?!  The fact the my kids go to daycare makes me miss them…

Nothing is wrong with me.

Having some space (while I am working) makes me a better mom.  Some moms can be present and patient and fun everyday– all day.  This mom cannot.  Being a good mom, who is patient and fun is important to me.  And for me, I need a break every now and again to be that mom.  So, I am no longer going to feel guilty.  I am going to celebrate my (alone) car drives to work, trust that my kids are learning & having so much fun at school/ daycare AND make the most awesome bubble baths.


Shutter 1/100 f/ 2.8 ISO 400




4 thoughts on “Mom Guilt (of the working mom)

  1. So true. I have friends who LIVE for their kids and I sometimes feel judged and guilty for the time I take for me. And the happy babysitter dropoff dance I do. But in reality too much time makes us both crazy. So its nice to drop them off and listen to sweary music in the car.


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