365 Photo Challenge

Day 1: “Celebrate”

I have decided to commit to 365 days of camera practice.  New Year| time to set new goals.  The only way to improve and to produce intimate, amazing photos is to shoot– and shoot often.  I also want to be more active on my blog– sharing the craziness of my life.  In order to do this and commit (I mean really commit) I have decided to merge the two— so everyday I plan on sharing my photo(s) of the day, with the caption I was attempting to embody and the beautiful chaos we are living.


This blog post (shared above) has a free downloadable calendar with your daily inspirations. #PhotoBlog365

So, that being said I struggled with how to capture “celebrate”.  My husband worked night shift last night and the kids went to bed by 8pm.  I was not celebrating in the traditional sense of the word.  What I really wanted to accomplish swinging in to 2019 was a clean house.  My main “New Year Resolution” is to become more organized and intentional, appreciate the simple moments and play more with my kids.  The kids rooms were scrubbed and all the Christmas toys moved upstairs to live with all the other stuff.—- we will be cleaning out the toy bins this year–!  I cleaned the kitchen and the dining room.  Then I had the bright idea to move my desk (aka table to pile every bill, laundry, craft, etc) downstairs, dust it off and plan to actually use it (it lived in my bedroom before).  You see, as a student/ mom/ full-time nurse I struggle to find the time (and the space) to focus on my studies.  Historically, I venture to the hospital library and burn the midnight oil.  I am going to start my next MST course on Leadership the right way— organized and ready to learn.

My house has a lot of square feet.  Upstairs we have the kids’ bedrooms, our bedroom and the bathroom.  Our living space is mainly on the middle floor with our living room, dining room and kitchen that all wrap around a huge chimney. Our second bathroom is downstairs on the main level, as is our entry way.  We have a space that has collected dust and stuff for the past 3-4 years.  I am re-claiming this space. Comfy chair/ desk/ laptop.

So the photo that represents “celebrate” today is of my new study nook.  Hope to personalize it more and fall in love with staying home this year.– Because moving in to the hospital library just isn’t going to work anymore.


365 photo blog (2 of 2)

Shutter 1/100 ISO 1600 F/ 2.8 Monochrome



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