Person of the week–

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ISO 200 35mm f/5.6 1/100sec original photo| no editing #365PhotoBlog “Zoom-In” Day 3

Meet Tammie

Tammie is an Licensed Practical Nurse who works with me at the correctional center.  Not only a colleague, also a friend, Tammie is someone who I can always count on.

As a Registered Nurse I have collaborated with Licensed Practical Nurses throughout my entire career.  Historically, there has been some animosity between the two nursing-based career choices.  I will tell you, some of the people I have relied on the hardest to survive the shift have been Licensed Practical Nurses.  Not only running ragged on the most mentally and physically exhausting shifts on 4CN Int Med; but also at the correctional centre where I swear the expectations of the clients exceed that of what can be done in an 8 hr shift.

Tammie is quick on her feet.  Her emergency room experience makes her calm as a cucumber in a medical emergency. She is dependable and accountable; honest and smart.  I am lucky to have her as one of my 2-full time LPNs.  We are a small team at the correctional centre (two full-time LPNS, two Full-times RNs, a few casuals and a lead nurse) having the attributes Tammie has makes her an invaluable member of the team.

Thank you for being awesome Tammie. And thank you for being my subject today.


Remember to appreciate those you work with.  Regardless of what it is you do (nurse, doctor, police officer, CEO) you don’t do it alone.  The individuals I work with, including Tammie, contribute to my personal successes daily.  For that I say “thank you”.



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