Straight Priviledge

Ok guys I am going to put my serious cap on for a minute. We need to discuss exactly why flying a “straight pride flag” is not only innappropriate but ridiculous. Check out the news link above to read about this flag that was raised in a small town not too far from where I live recently.

So I define priviledge as an advantage that only a certain group of people innately have. You are not at fault for having this priviledge and you likely do not even know you are in fact priviledged.

So why do I feel obliged to write about this today? Because these are some comments floating around fb written by the triple priviledged individual: the white straight man.

White privedge was recently discussed on Dr Phil. Check it out here.

Gender priviledge is also a phenomenon worth discussing but I will save this for another post.

Straight priviledge is the topic for today because of how disappointed I am reading this type of intolerance on fb in 2018.

Has a straight person ever been afraid to hold their partners hand in public?


Has a straight person ever been afraid to kiss their partner goodbye in public?


Has a straight person ever been told they cannot marry the love of their life?


Has a straight person ever been afraid they were going to be killed based on their sexual orientation?


Has a straight person ever lived a life as a lie.. being unhappy and depressed.. just because of societal acceptance around sexual orientation?


See if you replace straight person with homosexual person or lesbian person I assure you the answer flips to YES.

This is why a pride flag exists. This is why this group of people have the right to tolerance and a symbol of acceptance. This is why it is so ludicrous for a straight pride flag to even exist.

I dont think the person who posted this is hateful and I would even say he is accepting of whatever sexual orientation people choose. I do believe that he (and those who commented on his thread) are ignorant to straight priviledge. This is why I wanted to make a post on my thoughts on this issue.

Know your priviledge and use it to make a difference. Let us preach acceptance and teach our kids the many different facets of humanity and how each is beautiful amd unique. Teach acceptance; not hate. Our generation can make this switch but it begins with our attitudes and what behaviour we model for our children.

Thanks for reading


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