Saturday Shenanigans

Saturdays are supposed to represent the beginning of the weekend, restfulness, sleeping in, eating eggs and bacon and just not rushing around.

Well saturdays in our household are chaotic to say the least. My kids wake up at the crack of dawn every damn day-530am today😴- if they do decide to sleep past 6am its always on a school day when we have to get up anyways. I always try to sleep in. Ill let G play with her leappad and let A watch cartoons on my phone. It hardly ever works– and when it does my friends get fb messenger calls 🤣 then I need to admit I was letting the kids play with my phone so I can catch a few more ZZzzZzs.

Once we are up and out of bed its a huge juggling act. G doesnt have to pee until A sits on the toilet and vise versa. First fight of the day. Then we need to eat. Ill admit I set the kids up in the living room with paw patrol so I can start getting ready while the kids are quiet and entertained. Oatmeal and/or toast are the go to brealfast options. Cereal and waffles have become a battle. But who gets the pink bowl? who gets the orange cup? Cue second fight of the day. I get ready as quickly as humanly possible. Basically when Blake is off I shower when he is at work I cant. I really try to remember to sjower the night before but sometimes I dont know when Blake is getting called in..

Then when we are starting to run late for boxing (0930 start time) someone always has to poop. I always just pray it is Georgia because Avry still poops in his pants from time to time 🙄

Finally we get to boxing. My great idea — it will be easy I said.. two kids doing the same sport at the same time. Its not easy. Avry is taking off every 5 minutes and I need to go grab him and poor G is waiting for me to hold her target. I just cannot figure out how to be 2 people at once. So this particular 30 minutes of my saturday are particularly stressful. Ensue fights number 3&4 in here.

Then we beeline it to town for cheerleading. I enjoy this hour because G is loving it and Avry is tired out enough to sit with me and be tame.

Today G did a bridge all by herself and was so, so proud🤩

Its getting out of there that proved to be challenging. A is now over tired and melt down #1 ensues in the washroom and melt down #2 ensues in the parking lot.

Hallelujah 🛌 a car nap happens. I put some outside toys away and clean out the car.

We wake up hangry and I try to distract them with a board game while making lunch. Fight #5 happens. Avry doesnt get the concept of the game and wants to be ALL the caterpillers.

Lynch goes by without a hitch. So I set the kids up to play and morph into student mode as my group is facilitating a discussion this week!

#mom4thewin #successful

Thankful Nanny came to visit so I can tidy up! Never a dull moment!

How is your saturday going so far?? Even though I am at 5 fights and 2 tantrums (and counting) our saturday is going pretty good!


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