I have been thinking about this post since last night and I am so excited to share some of my favorite friday blessings with you all.

Favorite experience

Good coffee, comfy chair & my laptop! Rough draft of a paper complete!

Favorite New Product

This is my new diva curl regime! All the magic happend in the shower! I never thought I would be “training” my curls but here I am every morning in the shower encouraging the side curls not to poof and training my bangs to hang in the front. haha I recommend Katrina @ Aphrodites in Quispamsis.

Favorite Food

Jalapeno philadelphia dip is divine! I envision making all kinds of snacks with this dip! However just dip a plain chip in there and i dare you not to eat at least half of the tub. #yummy

Favorite Freebies

Starbucks is awesome. I spent almost 6 hrs there. My lunch took a bit long to come and they gave me a cookie! AND they will give you ice water for free! #starbucks

Favorite Surprise

I dont have a photo, but an inpromptu beer & app date with my busy crowe B has to be my favorite part of today! We talked about work, our kids and everything in between! Brittany said something so wise and so clever tonight. It really resonated with me. I am going to make it my new motto.

” You have to be willing to bend. Not break” – B

I think it is an important lesson. Sometimes you have to go with the flow. Sometimes you need to let things go. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you need to think outside the box! You need to be flexible so you dont break! Love this!

Have a great weekend!


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