Best 3$ I ever spent

As a mommy not in to decorating I sometimes feel guilty for not spooking the house up for Halloween, decking the halls for christmas (however I do a tree), I dont decorate for easter, and never decorate for thanksgiving–

Well now Georgia is all about “decorating” and loves every single holiday! Yesterday she excitedly asked me “when are we decorating for halloween? there is a scary spooky house at daycare” What can you say to that. I started thinking what could we do that 1) wont break the bank and 2) wont be too much work?

Blake and I went out to party city to buy Georgia’s witch costume and ended up picking up 3$ worth of window stickers for halloween.

Almost 2 hours in with a small break for supper and bathtime.

Does anyone have some other thrifty and easy ideas to get in the spooky spirit for Halloween for my little holiday celebrator Miss G?

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