I’m Back– Let’s talk about Christmas

Hi Everyone,

Starting a new job in April at the Saint John Regional Correctional Center has had me BUSY!  Of course, the little things I do for ME were the first to go! BLOG/ walking/ photography.  I have been a ghost… BUT my kids are well looked after, my work obligations are met and I am doing well in school!  Operation take back MY life is in order.  My big plans include — BLOGGING; taking MY kind of photos and working out.  Time for a healthier me– MIND BODY & SOUL! …

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A photo of my happy boy on thanksgiving

So now to the topic of tonight’s blog post— Christmas Time

When on earth did Christmas become about material gifts?  Christmas is supposed to be about family spending time together, about the birth of Jesus and about good food and good company!

SIDE STORY– My kids have an abundance of toys— of things to play with.  So much so that they do not even know what they own.  It is almost embarrassing and I know other mothers can relate.  I bought an easel (1/2 chalkboard 1/2 magnet board) when Georgia was a baby (so 5 years ago) AT A YARDSALE and it has been stored in Avry’s room since he was a baby.  I cleaned out all of their toys– threw out toys with missing pieces– gave a friend baby toys my children have grown out of– organized all the toys so when I want to play with the kids it will be easy to find all the parts.  The little people stuff live in Avry’s room and the barbies and dollies live in Georgia’s room.  However, I do expect them to share.  Well I moved the doll house and kitchen upstairs and brought the easel (that I paid 10$ for 5 years ago) downstairs and –let me tell ya– it could have been Christmas morning.  The kids were so excited!

The purpose of me sharing this story is kids DO NOT need you to break the bank on Christmas.  Kids need you to spend time with them, teach them and help them grow!  Kids should learn that Christmas is about FAMILY.  Christmas is about JESUS.  The moment my kids made a gigantic deal about the 5 year old yard sale find that has been upstairs their entire lives gave me an AH HAH moment.

Some suggestions for Christmas surprises this year if you have little ones in your life!

  • An experience
    • Zoo membership
    • Movie tickets
    • Museum pass
    • Trampoline Park Pass
    • Horse back riding
    • The list goes on…
    • Bonus points if they get to have the experience WITH YOU
    • Fun Fact– this is what kids crave
  • Something that will help them learn
    • My daughter is in kindergarten and let me tell you the expectation is high
    • Books about rhyming/ opposites/ problem solving
    • board games
    • puzzles
    • flash cards
    • the possibilities are endless
  • Something to wear
    • Kids are growing constantly– you need new staples every year!
    • For the kid who has everything– they will always NEED clothes.
    • Warm mittens/ hats/ socks/ undies
    • Fun Fact– if you find their favorite character on a piece of clothing I promise they will love it. (if anyone knows where I can find paw patrol undies PLEASE let me know)
  • Extra Special Experiences
    • Let’s take our young generation of humans and volunteer
      • Soup kitchen
      • food bank
      • donate old toys (and bring the kids)
    • Let us teach these impressionable kids how lucky they are and teach them to be compassionate giving human beings.


That is all I have for you for now.. But I promise you will be seeing more posts from #hollyshustle

Much Love




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