What does being a momma look like tonight??

Hugging my over tired crying mud covered baby boy at day care pick up

Doing the “train” “plane” “insane” at supper to get my kids to eat baked beans.

Taking turns with the bath crayons and very needy “baby” doll at bath time in order to get my kids clean.

Watch the same movie for the hundredth time at bedtime (**with popcorn of course)

Tricking my 2yo with new found energy into falling asleep by pointing him back to bed a million times.

Watching my hard headed big girl fall asleep on my lap (such a mirror image of her daddy).

Carrying that same hard headed girl to her bed.

I feel so blessed. my kids are loved and they might not realize it now but someday they will.

BUT most importantly I won’t be missing any more bedtimes for the foreseeable future..

I took a nine PM bath with wine

And I am cooking my dinner at 10pm.

Wouldn’t want it any other way😘

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