This and that..

My transition into yet another new nursing position has rendered me so busy lately I haven’t done anything for me— or anything personally productive at all for that matter.  Today I “spring cleaned” the vehicles.  Holy cow the “stuff” that accumulates in the car of a parent is quite something.  I compiled a list of the treasures I have found:

  • bouncy balls (my daughter gets them as ‘prizes’ after her speech therapy sessions)
  • French Fries (Just 1 or 2) Clear evidence of emergency drive through trips!
  • Lots of coins: dimes, quarters, nickels
  • I found all the lost mittens/ hats/ winter gear
  • Elsa
  • Tupperware
  • leaves (probably from the fall)
  • Coffee cups (like 6 of them)
  • A lawtons discount card issues to my hubby (that I didn’t know existed yay!)
  • Pieces of tools that came out of a swag bag from a bday party ages ago.
  • Lots of mud smears (evidence that spring is coming)
  • A bag full of peppa pig swag
  • Gold fish
  • Empty yogurt bottles

I really didn’t know how bad it was until I got in there and did it!  What tips do you have for keeping a tidy car *** with 2 toddlers***


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