Have you ever seen those memes on facebook. Mom’s “its time for bed” must do XYZ & Dad it’s time for bed ZZZZzzzzzZZZZ??

I just feel like a running to-do list all the freaking time.

All I want to do is relax and shut my brain off for 45 minutes to watch Netflix and drink an uninterrupted cup of HOT coffee.  This actually gives me anxiety.  Because I do not have the time for a break.  I have limited kid-free time to accomplish literally the impossible.  Bathe & brush Charlie because that winter coat is shedding and it is a freaking endless pile of fur everywhere. There is a bubbles all over the floor and a pan/ counter top 1/4 filled with pepper.  There is a mountain of laundry.  Not to mention my school responsibilities.

I am taking the 45 minutes– because I need it.

How do you justify me-time when the to-do list is ever-growing?



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