Day in the Life

My blog game has been weak this past few weeks because of a crazy busy schedule with assignment deadlines, volunteer committments and transitioning to a new job. I am lucky I have a husband capable of stepping to plate and keeping the house afloat during times like this.

That being said I feel like sharing my shennanigans of the day with you.

0545- kids wake up but I bribe them to lay in my bed and watch peppa pig on my phone (it’s pretty much the only time I use my phone for this purpose) Not that I don’t pull it out during “emergencies” I.e to avoid a fight or tantrum..

0700 My youngest ninja escapes the bed (I swear he sneaks out on purpose I’ve caught him in the act) then brings me up a box of granola (which he thinks is cereal) OK time to get up the kids hungry

0715 Oatmeal is on the stove top. Coffee is brewing. Kids are playing/ fighting. This changes on a minute to minute basis..

0730 kids watch the jungle movie and eat their oatmeal because I want to check my emails (aka scroll through social media) and drink my coffee in peace.

0900 Try to have an adult conversation with someone on the phone (a really important conversation) while the kids are fighting over my work nametag. Like come on give me a break.

0930 get invited to a playdate THANK YOU JESUS. Thank you for the distraction to get through cranky tired but no longer nap portion of the day. And thank you for still having this crazy clan over for playdates.

145pm- head back to quispamsis to escort my big baby (French mastiff) to his much needed nail apt.

Then we beeline it for our Easter dinner at my moms where my daughter made quite the interesting speech at the dinner table. It went something like this..

“Everyone be quite please. I want to make a sand castle and pat it (the bucket) with a shovel. and it’s going to be so much fun. And I’m going to say piss off”

Something along those lines. While everyone muffled a chuckle I tell Georgia that’s not an appropriate thing to say.

My babies certainly keep me on my toes that is for certain…

That being said this day feels like a win for me.. Lord know I have had far worse.

The real struggle I am having is that the daycare sent home the class dinosaur stuffy (on Easter freaking weekend) and I have to magically get a photo printed to hand it back in tomorrow and write what Avry and the stuffy did this weekend. Avrys two. So being the mom I am I’m going to have to drop the kids off and sort out that homework first thing. Here is the famous dinosaur with my boy ,😁

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