One Percent

I attended a nursing conference this week and one of the talks was about “trauma stewardship” or “ethical care in the management of other people’s trauma” by Jenn Gorham! It defined

primary trauma (own trauma)

secondary trauma (witnessing a traumatic event)

Moral distress ( policies and procedures of your organization are contrary to your personal morals)

Burn out (too much too long too little)

compassion fatigue (erosion of our ability to show compassion)

Hyper-compassion (chips away at personal and professional boundaries) and

vicarious trauma (the stacking of traumatic stories which shift how we view the world).

So what do we do??

  1. Assess
  2. Identify your warning signs
  3. Self-care ( one percent)

As I juggle these past 2 weeks.. Long 12 hr shifts in the unit/ finishing a major assignment for my masters/ assisting with the role out of the first annual harm reduction symposium “sounding the alarm” which was absolutely amazing/ working another 12 hour shift in the unit/ attending a nursing conference to meet the staff of my new job I transition to this Friday ALL on top of being “mom” and “wife” and “home owner I cant tell you what I intentionally did for me.. What is my 1%? What did Jenn mean by 1%?

When your a doer you tend to set gigantic goals for yourself… Sometimes they’re not feasible then you feel like you failed or you kill yourself trying to be successful.

Going to bed 10 minutes earlier = 1%

Stopping what you are doing to center yourself and meditate or breath for 5 minutes in the middle of your work day= 1%

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator=1%

Writing a blog post=1%

What’s your 1%?

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