What is it that nurses do?

I dont post about my hardships at work for a few reasons

1) It’s unprofessional

2) Client confidentiality can be accidently breached

3) Social media and healthcare professionals venting just don’t coincide


On a thread sharing a news artical about a tragedy that happened here in NB some wrote this

The news story had absolutely ZERO to do with nursing, yet here nurses are getting criticized for talking about their easter plans at work 🤔🤔

So very cautiously I just wanted to clarify a few things…

  • Even though we are in a caring profession we do have a life outside of the facility we work in and (just like you) may discuss that life with our colleagues/ friends
  • There are many times in Nursing when we sacrifice basic human needs like eating, drinking water (we hardly have time to drink our coffees some days), and peeing JUST so we can provide care to your loved ones.
  • We see hard stuff. We experience our patients most difficult days. We have to put on a smile (not cry.. anyone who knows me knows I am emotional) and have difficult conversations…. We have to leave that at work or it will consume us.. Let’s just say I have cried on my drives home from work many many times…
  • We work short… All the time… Even if we are staffed someone calls in sick..
  • On the floor one nurse could have 4-6 patients. So just maybe if your call bell goes on for more then 5 minutes one of the other patients is having a health crisis.

Listen. I am not saying there aren’t some bad apples. Every profession has them. I am just saying if you hear a nurse talking about Easter dinner plans it doesn’t mean they don’t care about you … It means they are human and have other identities aside from nurse.

Cut us some slack people… I promise we work hard and do not hear thank you enough..

#thankyournurse #hollyshustle

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