Keeping the magic alive

How easy is it to lose that magic? Forget what it felt like to just drop everything and go away for the weekend? … an impromptu date night?…. Staying up until 2am ‘talking’ AND sleeping in until 11am?..

Having kids changes all of the spontaneity. There needs to be pre-booked babysitters… You have to wake up at 545am so no late nights (unless you want to seriously suffer). There is a schedule for life when you have kids. You live breath and function for your little minis.

That being said… modeling what a loving relationship looks like is so important for your kids. It is just as important as family days, routines and tucking your little people in at night.

Blake and I clearly don’t get out enough. We try to be creative at home… homemade sushi date nights, game nights etc. But we don’t get dressed up and go out, just us, very often. This past week we dedicated a night (just for us) and I was so excited.

Don’t lose sight of the love that created your family people. Safeguard that shit. It’s more precious then you realize.

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