Let’s talk about real life…

You know that moment when your about to go into public with your kids and you psych yourself up… Do whatever it is you do to stack up all the patience you have in your personal reservoir so you can do “the whisper” effectively without yelling in the presence of all the picture perfect parents out there.

Well I did all of that (and a bag of chips) (literally I packed an emergency lunchbox of treats for potential bribing )today! Packed my two kids in the car/ huge bag of stuff/ and we went to the aquatic center on March break !!!! #Bravemomma

Well I am proud to say we had a great day. I kick myself for wasting so much energy preparing myself and psyching myself up for a challenging outing. Another mom even said (and I quote) “Your kids are so well behaved”

Momma victory today guys! And the funny part.. if I didn’t do the whole “psych yourself up/pack all the treats” bit I bet you 100 pretzels it would have been a disaster.


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