Multiple Hats

Mornings are spent watching Peppa Pig, sipping hot coffee (hopefully) and having 2 babies crawling all over me (because God forbid I snuggle one kid at a time).  It is sheer chaos but I love it just the same.  Shipping the 2 monkeys out the door to daycare is a challenge but we manage.

Today (with my mom hat on) I had a typically morning.  No tantrums, no one was hurt, everyone was generally agreeable.  Avry throwing Charlie’s food in the dog water- manageable.  Both kids running through Charlie’s room instead of putting on their boots (HAIR EVERYWHERE AND I VACUUMED YESTERDAY)- manageable.  Avry doing his daily run across the yard once we are outside- manageable.  Georgia not wanting me to leave her at daycare (daily issue)- manageable.

It was when I took off my mom hat (and put on my student hat) that the day started to unravel.

First I thought “Hey Ill watch my PVR’d show while I check my e-mails/ eat my breakfast/ chack my course work/ plan my day”.  The Good Doctor that PVR’d is a repeat- first disappointment.  Then I find Ellen on and think to myself “Who couldn’t use some Ellen to start my day”.  Great!  Aliant wireless box just shuts off/ won’t work.  I guess I am not meant to have a lazy hour this morning.

Mom hat goes back on as I think about the challenge of pre-supper Peppa Pig watching marathon– that can’t happen without the box working.

OK now I need to focus.  Working from home this morning because Blake took my car in town to a staff meeting and the CRV is on empty.  No budget to fill his gas tank this week.  I will have to wait.

Budget hat goes on- I should pay the February bills.  Is it pay day this Thursday or next. HHMMM. Get all the bills organized and throw my student hat back on.

80% on my first assignment of this course- Proposal writing.  I should be happy but I need/ want to strive for better then 80%.  I was an A student in my BN- BUT I also didn’t have a husband, 2kids, a full-time job and a freaking gigantic house.  OK I guess I’m happy with the 80%.  It was my instructors feedback that got me.  “Student’s writing seems to ramble”. OK I thought I was clear and concise squeezing all my (what I though was) brilliance down to 500 words.  I also attended her on-line ‘first-aid’ station to develop need and problem statements.  She was happy with them there but ripped me apart in my paper.  How not fair is that.

TIM HORTONS extra toasted does not mean RAW.  And a LITTLE butter does not mean half an icecream scoop.  And roll up the rim to win… Yeah ok …. I think it should be roll up the rim to please play again.

So I get here (FINALLY) at 1pm to do my unit work.  Because clearly I am too distracted at home with my wife hat on and my budget hat on.—— Study room #4 is occupied.  All the freaking study rooms are occupied.  So here I am in the open library at a study station and someone decides to play the freaking PIANO.  Yep you heard me there is a piano in the public library.  Almost comical at this point.

I made 3 checkmarks to my running to-do list for school.  Overall happy with my progress.  Tomorrow is a new day my friends.  Tomorrow is a new day!




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