Life Goals

KV Public Library is booming guys!  Surprisingly booming.  It is always full of young parents with their babies/ toddlers/ preschool kiddos.  It is full of the ‘older’ folk (some of which I am going to talk about in a few).  Business people seem to host meetings and such in the boardrooms.  Students…. ahhh all the students.  Yesterday I saw someone with a Fundamentals of Nursing textbook.  I so wanted to approach them and say ‘Great career choice’ I have no regrets.  But I controlled myself.  

Today I couldn’t control myself.  I was just so inspired by this group of women I just had to meet them.  What can I say?!  If I am playing scrabble with my friends at the library when I am enjoying retirement I think that is called a win.

Scrabble is every Monday at 2pm everyone!  I have been invited and might just take my new friends up on the offer!

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” ~C.S. Lewis

How inspiring are these ladies!!!!! (permission to post their photo on my blog obtained)


Macro Photos (1 of 1)-3
This is me in 30 years guys!!  Such an awesome group of woman.


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