Overwhelming Monday

So here I am sitting at the hospital library.  Trying to work on school.  I looked in my agenda this morning because I felt like there was something specific I had to do.  Georgia missed speech therapy yesterday because I had to work and forgot to tell Blake.  Didn’t even cross my mind.  BUT- Nothings penciled in– just the usually weekly school stuff.  I have a headache and am feeling so miscombobulated.  Let us recap my day.. Mother of year award definitely does not go to me today!

0500- Avry is watching my phone because I am not ready to tear myself out of bed.  Georgia cries for me shortly after.. I put cartoons on in my room as a desperate attempt to get even 15 minutes more sleep.  Georgia helps Avry trouble shoot my phone.. I am thinking “Sweet I might actually get some more ZZzzZZZs” To my dismay I hear Georgia say “Avry just stop touching the damn buttons” UGH ok now my kid is using damn in the right context.  Last week she said “Oh Shit”  Cue– Blake and I need to watch what we say***

0600- Cereal in the living room AGAIN because I need coffee.  I head to the bathroom because– even moms need to pee.  I hear crying and not whiney cry but the I hurt myself cry.  I walk up to a broken bowl and Avry with a bleeding thumb.  Won’t wear a bandaid .. just bleeding everywhere

1000- finally get here- to the library to get my school duties checked off.  Then I remember… I better get my bloodwork done because my last kidney infection took a toll on me and my levels were up.  Where the heck is my medicare.  I jump through some hoops and get the blood work done.  I was feeling ok at this point.

1115- Get an e-mail from my instructor to re-do a participation assignment.  I did not follow her directions that ARE NOT in the syllabus.  They are hiding in the myriad of posts on the on-line forum.  Albeit grateful for the opportunity for a redo– it ruined the actual plans I made to get ahead today. Stress starting to climb.

1200- Meet a friend for lunch and talk about some upcoming exciting stuff.

1400- Avry’s SLP calls. OMG it’s Monday and I didn’t take him to speech this afternoon.  I KNEW I was forgetting something.

1500- So now I am sitting here contemplating working ahead (like I planned) or just calling it a day.  3pm only 2 short days off.. I forgot Avrys apt, did not get done what I wanted to.

How do other busy moms and dads stay organized.  Family calender??  I need to share some of this responsibility with Blake because there is just too much piled upstairs.

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